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Ground Beams

Ground Beams are designed to support brick/blockwork or to form a permanent shutter to the edge of insitu concrete floor slab. The amount of reinforcement introduced into the design will be used to suit specific loading requirements and the beams can be designed to withstand any heave forces with the use of void forming or compressible materials.

Installation may require piling, then once that is complete we excavate the ground to a width and depth required by your design or shuttered above ground. Reinforcement is then placed and the pile reinforcement tied into the ground beam. After inspection by the relevant authorities the beam will be concreted.

RC Slab

An RC slab is a common structural element of modern buildings. Horizontal slabs of steel reinforced concrete, typically between 100mm and 500mm thick, are most often used to construct floors and ceilings.

In in a majority of our projects, piled rafts are used where RC slabs are effectively supported upon piled foundations. These can either be “ground-bearing” or “suspended” slabs.

Capping Beams

Capping-beams are formed in-situ to tie in the concrete piles and stop displacement during excavation of the adjacent ground.

Sequence of Works: –

The piles are drilled and formed;
Capping-beam is formed; this stops the piles displacing whilst the area is dug. If the capping-beam is not formed the piles would laterally displace, causing cracking and   severe structural damage to the piles and/or retained structures;
Area is excavated;
RC Retaining/Lining walls cast;

Groundworks/RC Works

Our Sister company Geostructural Solutions Limited offers complete groundworks including reinforced concrete works for new foundations, basement formation and drainage works. We also carry out structural openings, structural lifting, jacking works and building moves.  Please refer to our website.

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